Do you always set the bar high for yourself and are you never really happy with how things are going?

I help you investigate why this is causing you

to be more at peace with yourself.

What are you running into?

Do you recognize this?

  • You are always running and the pressure at home and at work isvery high. To be honest, you know that you always put that pressure on yourself. You want to do it right, which is very tiring.

  • You sometimes feel that others don’t see how much you do for them and that makes you feel unseen. You try to be strong, but sometimes you feel very alone.
  • You sometimes feel like a logistics company. The relationship between you and your partner almost exclusively consists of practical arrangements. Sometimesyour partner really annoys you. You know it’s time to really invest in your relationship again, but how and when? he feeling has been gnawing for a while but you try to push it away carefully.
  • You are ambitious and always enthusiastic and in for new things, but you regularly lose yourself in all kinds of “things” and you actually don’t have time for the things you so badly need.
  • You set the bar very high for yourself. It always has to be “perfect”. You know rationally that this is not possible and that you do not have to, but you still find it difficult to be proud of yourself.
  • You are overjoyed with your children, but sometimes you feel like you are completely absorbed in caring for them. You are sometimes jealous of friends who plan all kinds of things for themselves. You really need space for yourself, but you are sincerely wondering how you could combine that with your busy schedule.

I am happy to help you recognize your own behavior and together where it comes from, so that you make conscious choices about what you do and do not want.

I would like to help you find the answers within yourself

About me

I, Swie, coach women who always want to do everything right and sometimes forget about themselves, also in the relationship with others.

In practice I often notice that women can be hard on themselves.

I was one of those people, I always wanted to help everyone and meanwhile I found it difficult to be proud of myself. During coaching I found out that this was due to underlying patterns ​ from my past. Where I previously solved everything with my ratio, coaching enabled me to get in touch with my feelings much better and this has been an amazing asset!

I believe that the underlying emotion and need you feel is the entrance to self-insight and ultimately other behavior. All answers are in you! I would be happy to help you find these answers. Read more about me.

Swie coaching
How does it work?


Sometimes you just need to stand still To stop everything and to feel if this is still what you want at the moment. Where are you now? What are your issues? And why do you get stuck on this? And maybe you’re not able to figure it out by yourself?

I listen, make you feel safe, ask where someone else stops, challenge you to look at things differently, invite you to feel, and take it a step further. I help you with self-reflection so that you have more insight into the behavior you engage in at work or at home, so that you can break these patterns.

I use different techniques and methods, all aimed at investigating which underlying patterns lie underneath your behavior. Sometimes you know best with your ratio what you want to do differently, but it still does not work.

We do not stay on the surface, but rather we aim to uncover the deeper mechanisms that drive your behavior.

My starting point is that I look at you as a person to what you need in your development.

Together we investigate what is needed at that moment and what you want to talk about. You can really be yourself with me!


my previous clients


Myrthe, Amstelveen

The coaching was very educational. I have become aware of my character traits and way of thinking. Swie was very professional, not guiding or judging, she remained objective. She was easy to accept as a confidant, remained calm and asked good questions. Swie's qualities are clear that she can let someone come to new thoughts and insights by asking the right questions.

The coaching came at exactly the right time for me. I have learned so much about myself. The essence of my character. How do I behave and how have I formed myself and what events have formed me?

It provided insight, explanation and possibilities for change (improvement).
And that was my wish to feel happier and happier!

Nadja, Amsterdam

Swie's calm attitude made me feel at ease with the first session. I have always found it very difficult to open myself to others and Swie has guided me through this step by step. Immediately after the first session, a whole new world opened up for me. Through the sessions I learned to look at my own behavior and how I can express myself without blaming someone else. My style of communication has changed and I can now recognize myself when I fall into my blueprint (automatic response) behavior. A very useful skill, because I can correct myself again. Through coaching I have regained control of my own emotions, and my relationship with my partner and family has become stronger. Not by pushing away the emotion, but by analyzing and expressing it. A skill that has helped me grow on a personal and professional level.

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After this coaching process

this is how your life changes

More peace & balance

You have insight into your own underlying patterns and you know why you sometimes efface yourself and why you are running so fast. This has allowed you to obtain more peace of mind. Finally the peace you so badly needed! You know better where your limits are and what you can and cannot handle. This provides balance. Because you are better in balance, this affects your whole family and your relationship. There is also more peace there. Nice!

More softness to yourself

You are less strict with yourself. You lower the bar and allow yourself more to make mistakes. After all, you are only human… If something doesn’t work today, then tomorrow. You better let it go and no longer worry about it. You have become softer to yourself and to others. You better dare to plan an evening for yourself, even if someone else finds it difficult. You are better connected to your feelings and dare to make choices based on your intuition.

A better relationship with your partner & your children

If you are honest, you were running so fast that working on your relationship was sometimes lacking. You now consciously make more time for this and you also know how to pronounce yourself. Because under every minor irritation there is often an underlying pattern and you have now gained insight into this. You are no longer busy with arranging all sorts of practicalities that you all do not enjoy, but you really make sure you have more quality time. You finally feel the connection again!

Practical information

& good to know

The coaching sessions take place at my coaching location in Amstelveen or at your home, whichever you like. Before a coaching process with me, we have a free introduction. Here there is the opportunity to get to know each other and see if there is a click and if I can help you further.

Your coaching question is the basis of our conversations. But during these conversations new topics will regularly come up that will help you further.

An average coaching program consists of about 5 1.5-hour conversations.




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