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Anjali, Amstelveen

Coaching by Swie ensures that I learn tools to be able to understand my own emotions and to change unconscious learned behaviors.

What I like about the sessions is that Swie guides me to gain insights and never puts words into my mouth. In addition, she has a great deal of patience, understanding and allows me all the time I need to gain insights myself. The sessions therefore never feel rushed. It is also a plus for me that Swie coaches in my own house. . For me, the familiar environment of my own house ensures that I am very daring to open up and allow emotions.

Eefje, Amstelveen

I have experienced Swie as a very professional and critical coach. Swie can guide you in your own process, without judgment, and ensures that you come to more insights from yourself without really steering. In this she can be stimulating and she holds up a mirror in a friendly way.

She is empathetic and also very pleasant to work with as a person. The conversations have brought me a lot. In this way she really made me think about my thinking patterns, what I find important in the balance between work and private life, and how I can better understand my feelings.

I have experienced our conversations as very valuable.

Nadja, Amsterdam

Swie’s calm attitude made me feel at ease with the first session. I have always found it very difficult to open myself to others and Swie has guided me through this step by step. Immediately after the first session, a whole new world opened up for me.

Through the sessions I learned to look at my own behavior and how I can express myself without blaming someone else. My style of communication has changed and I can now recognize myself when I fall into my blueprint (automatic response) behavior. A very useful skill, because I can correct myself again.

Through coaching I have regained control of my own emotions, and my relationship with my partner and family has become stronger. Not by pushing away the emotion, but by analyzing and expressing it. A skill that has helped me grow on both a personal and professional level.

Caro, Amsterdam

I really like the personal approach of the coaching of Swie. She is going together into certain topics of the past to see where patterns are coming from. It helps me to understand my behavior and work with it. That makes me stronger in my vision and to get more self-confident in my personal life but also at work situations.

It was great that Swie coached me in English since I am living in Holland and not a native dutch speaker.

Myrthe, Amstelveen

The coaching was very educational. I have become aware of my character traits and way of thinking. Swie was very professional, not guiding or judging, she remained objective. She was easy to accept as a confidant, remained calm and asked good questions. Swie’s qualities are clear that she can let someone come to new thoughts and insights by asking the right questions.

The coaching came at exactly the right time for me. I have learned so much about myself. The essence of my character. How do I behave and how have I formed myself and what events have formed me?

It provided insight, explanation and possibilities for change (improvement).

And that was my wish to feel happier and happier!




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